The Montalcino terroir is extremely rich in types of terrain, a treasure of diversity and resources for viticulture. At La Gerla, it was decided to plant vineyards in two areas opposite the Montalcino hill, so different from but complementary to one another; unique products with unmistakable qualities are achieved from the vinification of the grapes that are harvested.


The six hectares of vineyards at Canalicchio, northeast and east, are located at mid-hill on a decent slope and, along with an olive grove, surround the cellars. Planted in part in 1976 and again in 1982, the cultivated variety is only Sangiovese Grosso, known as Brunello in Montalcino. The type of terrain is of a medium texture, from average to deep with abundant skeleton grain (marl), average amount of limestone, with a good percentage of silt. The microclimate is fresh and dry in the summer allowing for a slow and progressive maturation and, in turn, the development of elegant, intense and quality aromas in the wine.





Gli Angeli Vineyard

 Gli Angeli is our first cru, one sole hectare near the little Chiesa degli Angeli, Church of the Angels, the symbol of the Canalicchio zone, is located in a favoured position, caressed by light breezes that give healthy air scented with rosemary, bay leaf and thyme. The lean terrain, the slope, the ideal position, the age of the vines and the low yields per plant are just some of the factors that contribute to making Brunello Gli Angeli a unique product.


Castelnuovo dell'Abate

A few metres from the renowned Abbey of Sant’Antimo, right below the little town of Castelnuovo, on a wheel-spoke training system that follows the slope of a natural amphitheatre: these are the 5.5ha of vineyards La Gerla. Here, the type of terrain changes; the texture is mostly sandy, silty with prevalent rocky soil, even the limestone component is substantial just as the resulting insulation accentuated by its particular position away from the cold winds from the north and salty winds from the sea. In this environment, grape maturation is optimal also thanks to the notable temperature range from day to night. The wines that we make from the Castelnuovo vineyards are powerful, structured, but at the same time, fine and intense, ideal for ageing and absolutely unique.



La Pieve

When Sergio Rossi decided to plan more vineyards in Castelnuovo dell’Abate in 1998 encouraged by the results obtained with wine originating in this area, he didn’t imagine the possibility of getting even better. The La Pieve vineyard is certainly still a young vineyard but has already produced very interesting grapes in the last few years. It literally clings to the slopes between two hills up from the old marble quarry to the town of Castelnuovo sheltered from the wind. The few bunches of grapes produced by these heroic vines are extremely high in sugar content and very rich in polyphenols and extracts. The wine from this vineyard is warm and velvety, of a great character and fullness but mostly of an extraordinary concentration.



The Harvest

At La Gerla, the harvest is strictly carried out by hand because we firmly believe that no machinery could ever substitute the attention and ability to select grapes by qualified workers with a wealth of experience. After a careful selection of the grapes, which is often a “first” elimination harvest, we then proceed with the real harvest that usually takes place at the end of September. The grapes arrive at the cellar in 20kg cases so that they are not crushed during transport and therefore maintaining the integrity of the grapes that the vines give us.



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